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Day 9 - Boarding the "City of New Orleans"

My fifth day in Chicago passed quite quickly. I packed my things in the morning and took care of a few work related things before finally at noon leaving the apartment. Unfortunately I didn’t had a chance anymore to meet my host and say goodbye. My first Air B’n’B experience had certainly been a good one. I really enjoyed staying in that accommodation where I had felt at home immediately. I headed downtown using the pink line from 18th Street station for the last time. One more time I enjoyed the magnificent view from the train of the beautiful skyline in bright mid-day light while pulling into the Loop. I got off at Quincy and Wells. Before heading down to Union Station I first had lunch as I really felt hungry. That turned out to have been a good decision because the cues for baggage check-in at the Union Station was long and it was 1.30 pm by the time I had completed check-in. At least I had no longer to take care of my baggage and could move freely for the rest of the day. I took a long walk across downtown taking pictures of interesting buildings and structures. I also went to buy some postcards which I sent out to close friends and family back home. After that I headed down towards the Chicago River taking the River Walk. The River Walk really opened up many new perspectives for photography and I can only highly recommend it to every Chicago visitor. With the purple line I returned back to the Loop. Next I went and visited the city library of Chicago also with the purpose to connect my PC to the Wi-Fi in order to send out some important work related messages. After an hour or so the work was done and I had a quick look around the impressive building. Before heading back to the Union Station it was time for dinner and I also did some grocery shopping for the upcoming train trip. I still had about 2 hours until the departure of my train so I did one more round with the L train around the Loop. This was a nice way to one more time see many of the major sights. I got off the Loop at Quincy and Wells finally heading back to Union Station. I was still early and had some time to take a seat in the Great Hall of Union Station. About 40 minutes prior to departure train 59 “City of New Orleans” was called and boarding began in the Great Hall. I was early in the line and was lucky as I got a window seat this time. The City of New Orleans pulled out of Union Station one minute ahead schedule, what a difference to the California Zephyr! After we had left the station behind some spectacular views on the Chicago skyline at best twilight conditions came up in front of the window. What a great farewell to Chicago although I will have a 4 hour layover in Chicago in pretty much a month from now on my way from Boston to Seattle. So I will be back. Finally after leaving this great city behind night fell over the train and it was about time to settle in for the night and the upcoming 20 hours or so for which the City of New Orleans became my temporary home until we reached the real city of New Orleans.

Willis Towers

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