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Day 18 - Leaving Miami Beach

The final day in Miami Beach I spent mainly in the hostel taking advantage of the good Wi-Fi connection. I had a few work related things to take care of and finally I also got the blog online and stories and pictures of the first 17 days uploaded. Only the about page still needs a little bit of work. At 11 am I also had to check out and return the keys of the room but I could still stay in the lobby of the hostel. In the lobby I also met two guys from Denmark that were on a 5 months U.S. round trip by bike. They had started about a month and a half ago in New York and had biked all the way down to Miami, next they were heading to Georgia, Texas and Arizona. Their final destination was Los Angeles. It was really interesting and entertaining listening to their stories. Around 1 pm I finally left the hostel, I didn’t want to part take in the free lunch anymore because I was no longer a guest. Instead I went out for lunch. After lunch I went for a last time to the beach. The temperature was almost 40 degrees Celsius and I couldn’t endure the heat too long. After about an hour I left the beach and returned to the hostel just to cool down a bit in the lobby. I still did a little bit of work and by 3.30 pm I started leaving the hostel after I had claimed my bag that I had left in the storage room. I took bus C to the Omni bus station across the bridge in Downtown Miami. The ride took about half an hour. At the bus station I had to wait about 20 minutes until bus 32 showed up. I rode bus 32 for about 1 hour and got finally off at 32 NW and 97th Street. From there I had to walk about 10 blocks to the west in order to reach my Air B’n’B accommodation. It was about 6 pm when I arrived at the house. The Air B’n’B was located in an typical American neighborhood not too far from the Amtrak station, one of the reasons I had moved from Miami Beach to Miami for the last two nights. I had a very early departure on Sunday morning and it would have been impossible to get by any other means of transportation than a very expensive cab ride to the station at that time. Also I wanted to be closer to Downtown Miami in order to spend time there as well. Arriving at the house I met a guy from Austria who was also staying in the same house. He had been traveling around the East Coast and the South-East part of the U.S. for one month and was flying back to Europe the next day. We still had to wait a little while for our host but the time went fast as we had so many interesting stories to share. Our host was very nice and welcoming, she immediately offered us cold drinks. Together with the Austrian guy I went to the nearby supermarket to get some food for the evening. After we had returned to the house we met a few other people that were also staying at the house. It got a bit crowded and I was glad that I had my own room and bathroom with separate entrance in the backyard. Also staying in the house was a French professor who had lived in Miami for many years and was visiting his kids in Miami. He was kind of local and gave a lot of great advice what to see in Miami and where to go. This was very useful for me and also an Italian girl that was staying at the house as well, visiting Miami. We had some lively discussions about traveling and Miami in the living room until it was time to go to bed.

Miami South Beach

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