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Day 17 - Biking around Miami Beach

My third day in Miami Beach I spent mainly discovering the main island by bicycle. After the breakfast in the hostel I made my way down to 5th Street where the bike rental was located. The shop opened at 10 am so I had to wait a bit after the breakfast until I could get the bike. The rental agreement was signed quickly and we agreed on 24 dollars for the entire day. I could even freely choose my ride and got a mountain bike with wider wheels that also allowed me to ride on sandy ground or unpaved terrain. I first headed down towards downtown Miami crossing the first bridge from where I could take some interesting pictures of Miami Beach and downtown. I had tried the day before to get some shots from the bridge while crossing it with the tour bus but hadn’t been very successful in that. Now with the bike I could take my time and got the pictures I wanted. I turned around before entering the second bridge connecting Miami Beach with downtown because there wasn’t any bicycle path anymore and I didn’t want to go on the road. I returned to Miami Beach and started my round trip around the island by first heading down to the south tip where I had already been the night before. This time I could also enter the South Beach Pier which had already been closed the night before. I got some pretty nice shots of the South Beach and the harbor. I then turned north and followed the trail along the beach for many miles. In between I had to use the street as the path was interrupted and parts were not open for bicycles but only for pedestrians. Somewhere around 66th Street I got hungry and had lunch. After lunch I continued for another 40 blocks until I reached the very end of the island. Altogether I had cycled up about 105 blocks. I took some pictures at the very end of the island before starting to head back. It was a really hot day, again. On the way back at around 42nd Street the rear tire suddenly lost all its air pressure just within seconds and my bicycle tour around the island ended instantly. This was quite a bad surprise as the bike shop was on 5th Street, so I was basically 37 blocks away from where I could return the bike or getting it fixed. Luckily I remembered that also the local buses in Miami had bike racks. Before I however could board a bus I first had to get some exact change. I went to get a refreshing drink in order to also get the needed change and was then right at the bus stop waiting for line C. The bus conveniently took me all the way down to 5th Street, walking with the bike would probably have taken at least an hour. The bike shop fixed the tire pretty quickly. I was a bit worried that they might charge me for the fix but I was lucky and it went on the house. After the bike was fixed I completed my island round trip and at around 4 pm I turned the bike in. I walked back to the hostel on 9th Street and got my stuff for the beach. I left immediately to the beach. The water was great and I almost couldn’t get enough from swimming in the Atlantic. I then rested for quite a while on the beach enjoying the warm sun. It was almost 7 pm when I finally left the beach. I had gotten quite hungry. As I had missed the dinner at the hostel I went out in order to get some food. I was back at the hostel by 8 pm and had finally time to take a shower. I spend the rest of the evening chatting with my new Cuban roommate, we had some really interesting discussions on climate change and social justice.

Miami Beach

Downtown Miami seen from the bridge

Miami South Beach

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