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Day 36 - A day at the MET

The last day in New York was as predicted, rainy. This was the perfect time to finally visit the MET and spend an entire day there. After breakfast and a shower I went down to the subway taking the A train from 207th to 125th Street. I used the time on the train to familiarize myself a bit with the MET and the exhibitions. My Italian friend had left me her floor plan so I had the chance to prepare my visit a bit before arriving. At 125th Street I switched to the local C train in order to get to 86th Street station. From there I got on the bus 86 that took me across Central Park right to 5th Avenue and the MET. Obviously it hadn’t been only my idea to visit the MET on this rainy day. The cue in front of the museum was longer than the cues that normally form in Battery Park for the Statue of Liberty cruises. Luckily the cue moved fast and after about 45 minutes I was inside which was good because it had started to rain again. I paid the recommended admission fee although I could have also gotten in for as little as 1 dollar because the MET has a pay what you wish policy. Nevertheless, I thought it was really worth it and I also wanted to support the art and preservation of our cultural heritage. Although I spent the entire day in the museum, arriving shortly after it opened at 10 am and leaving just before they closed at 5.30 pm, still I wasn’t able to see everything. I mainly saw the first floor including the Medieval Art, The American Wing, Egyptian Art, European Sculpture and Decorative Arts and the Modern and Contemporary Art. I also had a brief look at Greek and Roman Art, Arms and Amor and Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas as well as Van Gogh’s special exhibitions on Irises. What I liked a lot was the showcasing of rooms that were decorated with art works as in the days when those were created. Also the sculptures of the Greek and Roman Art as well as the contemporary art works were really impressive. On the second floor I focused mainly on 19th and early 20th Century European Paintings and Sculptures which features great works of Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir, Monet and many others. I also went to see some Asian Art and Photographs. Still there were many galleries left that I couldn’t see although I didn’t take many breaks, I only quickly had a sandwich for lunch at the American Wing CafĂ©. Nevertheless, leaving the MET I felt kind of recharged and happy that I had been able to see so many great art works from so many different periods in just one day. I got back on the bus 86 that took me once again across Central Park to 86th Street station on Westside. There I again got on the C train that took me all the way up to 168th Street where I again transferred to the A train finally getting back to 207th Street in Inwood. I spent the evening with doing laundry, my third and final laundry on this trip, and packing. After everything was ready and packed I got to bed early as I had an early departure the next morning for which I had to get up at 5 am. It was once again time to hit the (rail) road.    


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