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Day 31 - Museum of the City of New York

This day was less touristy as I had a work related meeting in Midtown for which I had to prepare in the morning. I left the apartment a bit after 11 am and went down to the subway station on Broadway. Before entering the platform I had to quickly renew my Metrocard adding another 7 day pass to it. I got on the A train and went on it until 59th Street where I transferred to the 1 train. After two more stops I reached 42nd Street / Times Square where I switched to the line 7 that took me to Grand Central station on 42nd where I transferred a third time to the 6 train that finally took me to 23rd Street on Park Avenue. From there it was only a short walk to my meeting. I arrived just in time a few minutes before half past twelve. After the meeting, that also had included lunch, I got back on the 6 train and rode it all the way up to 86th Street. There I planned to transfer to the bus 86 in order to get to the MET. However, after checking online the closing time of the MET I changed my plans and instead got back on the subway for another two stops to 103rd Street. From there I walked the few blocks to 5th Avenue where the Museum of the City of New York was located. I spent about two hours in the museum. The collection was interesting even though I had expected to see more about the history of the city. Instead the museum features many smaller exhibitions on different topics related to the history of the city which in themselves were very interesting. Also the building housing the museum was worth a visit. On the first floor there was an interesting exhibition on the preservation of important landmarks in New York City. On the second floor I watched a short documentary about the history of the city and how it had evolved from its early beginnings until today. Also on the second floor was an exhibition on activism in New York. The third floor focused mostly on music related to New York, there was a large exhibition on country music and another one on hip hop. Finally on the ground floor there was a very interesting exhibition on Paul Rand’s work showing his advertisement work. After I had left the museum I went straight into Central Park. I had a look at the Conservatory Garden before heading to the north end where I could again catch the line 2 train on 110th Street. I changed trains at 96th Street and got on the line 1 train that took me all the way up to 207th Street. I used the bus 12 in order to get back to Broadway. Before returning back to the apartment I got some groceries. I continued backing up pictures for the rest of the evening in order to make new space on the memory card so that I could take more pictures. This was also the reason why I couldn’t take any new pictures during this day and had to completely rely on my phone camera.

Museum entrance

Interesting light installation in the museum

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