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Day 27 - Going to Coney Island

The third day in New York was again very sunny but luckily not as humid as the days I spent in Miami. I got up in time and after a shower and a quick breakfast I was on my way down to the subway. I rode on the A train all the way to Brooklyn and got off at High Street. I walked the short distance down to the East River right by the Brooklyn Bridge. From there a nice view opened up towards the skyline of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. I spent some time down at the shore line and took pictures of the skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. I continued upstream towards the Manhattan Bridge before having some lunch at Front Street. After lunch I walked further into Brooklyn in order to get to the pedestrian entrance for Brooklyn Bridge. I had crossed the Brooklyn Bridge by foot already during my last visit to New York City but I wanted to do it again. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge opens up so many great views towards Manhattan and the East River as well as the bridge itself. I took many pictures while passing by a large crowd of people that were crossing the bridge as well. I reached the City Hall at the other end and had a brief look at the building. After that I got on the subway taking line 4 back to Brooklyn and to Atlantic Avenue where I transferred to the Q train that took me all the way down to Coney Islands. From the station I walked the short distance to the promenade and amusement park. The promenade and beach was really packed with people which was not surprising at such a warm summer Sunday. I took a nice walk up and down the promenade and had a look at the amusement park. I also went to the pier. I really liked the atmosphere, everybody was relaxed and there was different kinds of music playing everywhere. After I had enjoyed my time at the promenade I headed back to the subway station and got on the D train, the only express train operating towards Manhattan. Even though express the trip took well an hour until I reached West 4th Street / Washington Square station. From the station it was only a short walk to Washington Square Park. The park had many visitors that afternoon. I took some pictures of the Washington Square Arch which nicely framed the Empire State Building. After I had spent some time in the park I went to discover Greenwich Village a bit more. A really nice neighborhood which reminded me a bit about some of the neighborhoods in London. I had some ice cream before I went back to the station. From West 4th Street I conveniently could board the A train that took me straight back all the way to 207th Street in Inwood. I had a little chat with my hosts while having some dinner. I spent the evening with doing my laundry and watching some TV programs together with my hosts. I was lucky that the building had an own laundry room in the basement, my hosts were so nice and borrowed me washing powder. While doing laundry in the basement I got to know some of the other people living in the building. Before finally going to bed I made some more plans for the upcoming day.


Manhattan skyline

Brooklyn Bridge and One World Center

By the East River

Walking on Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan seen from Brooklyn Bridge

Coney Island

Beach at Coney Island

Amusement park at Coney Island

Washington Square Park

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