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Day 33 - Top of the Rock

I got up in time as I was expecting a visitor from Philadelphia. My Finnish friend and fellow Fulbrighter had informed me that he was coming into town for the day. I was really looking forward to seeing him again and to spend some time with him in New York City. After taking a shower and getting dressed I received his message that he was on the subway heading towards 207th Street. I went downstairs to the subway station in order to meet him there. Several trains arrived but I couldn’t see my friend anywhere. At some point he called me and told me that he had arrived at 207th Street. How could I have missed him as I was standing right in front of the only station exit? I went upstairs to the street level and started searching for him but there was no sight of him. After I had called him back I found out what had happened. He had taken the red line instead of the blue. I asked him to stay right at the station and I walked the short distance to the 207th Street red number 1 line station where I found him. We took first a short walk through the neighborhood before settling in at a nice coffee place where we had some breakfast. After an interesting discussion on cultural differences between our country and the U.S. we got on the blue A line train heading downtown. We transferred at 59th Street station to the D train that took us right to 47th-50th Street / Rockefeller Center station. We visited the Rockefeller Center and decided to take the lift in order to get to the observation deck on the 70th Floor. The tickets were at 30 dollar but at least we didn’t had to wait in line at all and could proceed to the elevator promptly. The view, although not as spectacular as from the One World Center or the Empire State Building, was great an definitely worth the money. What I especially liked was that the view from the top floor was not limited by windows like on the previously named buildings. Instead we could enjoy the scenery without any reflecting windows which especially becomes challenging when taking pictures. After taking some pictures and getting some souvenirs in the gift shop we went down again and had lunch. We found a nice restaurant on 48rd Street. After lunch we walked the short distance to the 51st Street station right across Park Avenue. We took the 6 train down to City Hall / Brooklyn Bridge station and walked across Brooklyn Bridge. I think after all this is still one of the greatest walks one can take while in New York. Also my Finnish friend liked the views a lot. Once we got off the bridge in Brooklyn we tried to catch the A or C train on High Street but we weren’t lucky as the High Street station was closed due to construction works. We ended up wondering around for quite a while searching for an alternative subway station. The fact that our phone maps showed us subway stations that weren’t existing didn’t help us much further. In the end we got closer to the New York Supreme Court Building which I recognized from my visit in Brooklyn the week before and we eventually got on the R line on Court Street station. We transferred on DeKalb Avenue station to the Q line that took us right to Prospect Park. A friend had recommended me this park and we both liked it instantly. We took a nice walk across the park which had a beautiful lake in the middle and there was also a little forest nearby. Besides that there was also a merry go around and a zoo which we however couldn’t enter because it was about time to head back to Manhattan so that my friend still could catch his bus back to Philadelphia. From Prospect Park we took again the Q train. We got off the train at DeKalb Avenue because we wanted to use the B train that was crossing Manhattan Bridge. Unfortunately after waiting for quite some time no B train showed up. Instead we got on the R train and returned to Manhattan via the tunnel. We got off at 34th Street and Herald Square. We still had time to get some drinks and Belgian waffles before we had to walk to the bus stop on 34th Street and 11th Avenue.  After my friend had left I went to the nearby High Line in order to take a few more pictures of the area and the beautiful sunset. Finally it started to get dark and I headed back to 8th Avenue where I could catch the A train to 207th Street. Before getting on the train I still took some pictures of the beautifully illuminated Empire State Building. The A line wasn’t operating properly so I had to take the C line until 168th Street where I finally got on the A train to 207th Street. I finished the day with taking care of a few work related issues before going to bed.  

Rockefeller Center

View of Manhattan

Central Park

Streets of New York seen from High Line

Empire State Building

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