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Day 35 - Going to Queens

I spent my former last day in New York by visiting the MoMA PS1. After breakfast I wrote seven post cards and got then on the A train. On 59th Street I switched to the B train that took me to 47th-50th Street / Rockefeller Center station. I still wanted to get a few more pictures of the Rockefeller Center and I also wanted to send out the post cards. I knew that there was a United States Post Office in the building’s basement. I had already mailed post cards from there the last time when I had been in New York in 2010. After I had taken care of that I went again upstairs. There I briefly visited the huge Lego store. I was impressed by all the new products that were available. The visit reminded me about my childhood, growing up with Lego. Next, I went to Grand Central Station on 42nd Street and Park Avenue. I walked the short distance to the terminal. I visited one more time the New York Transit Museum’s store and bought a few magnets featuring different symbols of the subway system that certainly will look nice on my fridge back home. Before heading out I still had lunch in the food court downstairs. After lunch I got back on the subway taking line 7 towards Queens. I got off the train on Court Square in Long Island City. To the MoMA PS1 it was only a short walk, I could see the museum already while approaching the station by subway. I took quite some time to go through all the exhibits. There were great installations on display as well as different movies and shorter clips related to the different art works. Also featured the museum a large collection of fine arts and drawings. One of the most interesting exhibition was probably the one in the third floor, Wael Shawky’s Cabaret Crusades. It was based on the film trilogy of the crusades from an Arab perspective.  The exhibit was not only showing all three movies simultaneously but also many of the original marionettes used in the movies. After I had spent considerable time in the museum I got myself some refreshments before getting back on the subway towards Manhattan. This time I took the E train because I was heading to 34th Street / Penn Station. After I had visited the station I got back on the subway again this time taking line 3 for a short ride up to 42nd Street / Times Square station. I wanted to visit Times Square one more time and also take some pictures there during rush hour. It was incredible all the people and the traffic. I left Times Square and got back on the subway on 8 Avenue and 50th Street taking the C uptown train. I could have transferred to the A train already on 59th Street but stayed instead on the train until its final stop on 168th Street. There I finally got on the A train which was totally crowded, so riding the slower C train hadn’t been a bad idea. Eventually I got back to 207th Street on the A train. Before returning to the apartment I still went to buy some food in the grocery store. I spent the evening with taking care of some work e-mails and sorting through my pictures.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center in a mirror

Rockefeller Center


Marionettes of "Crusade" movies

Times Square at rush hour

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